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 ( i have spent many years in this research you just need to to spend 5 mins. to save your money & harassment )

 Nowadays An  Internet Is An Integral Component Of The Life , In The Terms Of Communication Internet has The Largest Role In Human Life
In Short Internet Is Everything Of One's Life !

But  68% Of Customers Would Never Thoughts  About The Nuances Of Choosing Good Connection, without having a full knowledge of isp or the person from service provider they blindly take action and install the connection by having faith on the sales guy with his sweet  tongue, after  passing sometime they would start  facing problems and issues related their connection and later they  start blaming to the company.

and then abusing the customer care guys daily !

 Isn't seems like their nonsense??

Why do we blame others for our own mistakes ?
if we follow these little steps before having broadband connection, it will definitely help us to reduce strain and wastage of money  !

1) DONT DEPEND ON THE SINGLE CONNECTION:  don't rely only on the single internet connection (nowadays you can share your mobile data to pc or any other gadgets too. read HOW TO DO IT CLICK HERE  ) mean to say that if you wanted to have instant broadband connection you will 100 % face the problem as i said in first paragraph. so get a time for searching the best provider
2)  SEARCH BEST OPERATOR :  it's not an easy task to find the best service provider but also not that much difficult you are thinking so,
3) LEARN - go to INTERNET and search the ISP in your area , ask neighbours  about their connection , fill online contact form for booking connection it is best way to get reliable source to get connection by official visit.
4) INSIST -  their visits for free demo. if you found the contact details of the ISP. take all possible demo to criticise. choose the best one !
5) CARE- about the time , ask the genuine time to him & allow him 2more days to install the connection, because there are lot of formalities yet to complete at his office.
take all necessary numbers such as his senior, office landlines customer care (in city ) confirm once these numbers by calling , because their minds are rockets they would give their friends numbers also.
6) RESPECT - who come fast and give you the demo with different plans and tell you everything genuinely.
7) AVOID  - the wrong commitments from sales Guy, they have to do it to increase their numbers
 (IMP: Don't trust the guys mostly from other states because they just come here for earning , NOT ALL but THE MOST of the sales guys from UP, BIHAR, CHATTISGARH, JHARKHAND  are the toppers in wrong commitments * as per my experience over 9-10 years of working with them at the same roof *)
interact with the person who comes to show you the demo, ask him about  his family background in details, offer him a job (taste to know his reliability) with less than his income in his own city( from where belongs to) if he is ready then it's a trustworthy person if denies don't do any deal with him, because money is his only target, so he simply can cheat you !
8) DONT BE GREEDY:  Nothing is free in this world so avoid (not consider- demand) any special offer  or don't trust any offer by sales guy orally. authenticate everything by documentation  such as printed flier, pamphlet or on their official site
9) BE WISE :  Always remember everything is not in the control of any person or company , if you ever face any problem contact the customer care and talk with them with an ease although you will get angry but the problem would get solved when it is scheduled to.  so be ready to face 1 day without internet once a month (it is good to health too. :) )
10 ) FINALLY : you will have a best broadband connection with good speed , best service and fast speed !
hope you liked it if you face any problem about anything feel free to get in touch with me on yog@email.com and my facebook a/c