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TERMS AND CONDITIONS: • No subscription amount to be paid to Tikona Digital Networks (TDN) Sales representative at the time of placing order. • Post placing the order the subscriber will receive a call from Tikona Care for demo appointment and for verifying personal details - name, address, mobile number, email ID and tariff plan. • The subscriber is required to pay “Subscription Amount” as mentioned in the plan details on installation post service demo at installation location to the authorised TDN installation representative only. • The authorised TDN representative will carry TDN ID card. Subscriber can ask TDN representative for valid government ID like PAN card, driving license to verify his/her identification. TDN will not be responsible for any payment made by subscriber to any unauthorised person claiming to be a TDN representative. • Service Tax is extra as applicable. • All plan charges will be charged in advance. • Service activation will be done within 3 working days from the date of realisation of the subscription amount. In case of cheque payment, service installation and activation may take 6-10 working days from cheque submission date. • Subscriber can track service installation progress by visiting www.tikona.in >> Track My Order. Keep User ID or Subscriber Registration Form Number (SRF No.) ready at the time of query. • ` 250 rebate will be provided over a period of 5 months (` 50/month) for monthly plans. • Bill Free plans: The non-refundable subscription amount includes the installation amount of ` 500. After consumption of bundled usage, the subscriber can • Renew existing plan. • Switch to any other Bill Free plan. • Recharge with following vouchers: (1) ` 1,999 (Usage 33 GB, Validity 365 days), (2) ` 999 (Usage 12.5 GB, Validity 180 days), (3) ` 499 (Usage 5.5 GB, Validity 90 days). • Top up your plan with any amount > ` 10. Top up usage is chargeable at 10p/MB. Tikona Broadband Service Bill will not be provided for this plan. Refund will not be provided for unutilised usage (MBs) if the subscriber surrenders/discontinues the service. • Fair Usage Limit is applicable on the Unlimited Usage Plans: ADULM1024 (30GB per month), ADULM2048 (50GB per month), ADULM4096 (80GB per month), ADULQ300K (90GB in three months), ADULQ512K (90GB in three months), ADULQ750K (90GB in three months), ADULQ1024 (90GB in three months), ADULQ2048 (150GB in three months), ADULQ4096 (240GB in three months), ADULH300K (180GB in six months), ADULH512K (180GB in six months), ADULH750K (180GB in six months), ADULH1024 (180GB in six months), ADULH2048 (300GB in six months), ADULH4096 (480GB in six months), ADULA1024 (360GB in twelve months), ADULA2048 (600GB in twelve months) and ADULA4096 (960GB in twelve months). Contention ratio increases post fair usage consumption, although there is no limit on usage. This may result in speed reduction only during the peak hours. • Contention ratio - 1:10 for Bill Free plans, 1:20 for Bonus Bandwidth and Unlimited plans. TDN reserves the right to increase contention ratio upto 1:50 for Unlimited Usage Plans, if usage during the billing cycle crosses fair usage limit. • Value added services charge, if subscribed, is payable in advance at the time of subscription. • Home Secured Wi-Fi service includes one hotspot instance inside the subscriber’s home. This can support an area of approximately 1000 sq.ft. For larger homes, additional hotspots are available at ` 1,500. • Subscriber can opt for Static IP post installation of service and first login. • Number of simultaneous PC/Device logins allowed from a single location: 2 Logins (ADBBM1249, ADBBM849, ADBBM699, ADBBM599, ADULM2048, ADULM1024, ADULQ2048, ADULQ1024, ADULH2048, ADULH1024, ADULA2048, ADULA1024, ADULQ300k, ADULQ512K, ADULQ750k, ADULH300K, ADULH512K, ADULH750K) 3 Logins (ADULM4096, ADULQ4096, ADULH4096, ADULA4096) 6 Logins (ADBF750k, ADBF1024K, ADBF2048K) 10 Logins (Unifi3999, Unifi4999, Unifi5999) 15 Logins (Unifi7999, Unifi9999, Unifi14999) • Tikona Broadband Service Bill delivery is done as per the option registered by the subscriber: • E-copy: Only e-bill shall be sent to the registered E-mail ID. • Physical copy: The physical bill shall be sent to the registered billing address. Additionally, e-bill shall be sent to the registered E-mail ID. • Upload speed will be 25% of applicable download speed or 512 Kbps, whichever is lower. • Usage includes both upload and download of data. • A CAT 5 cable shall be provided if the subscriber needs to connect his PC on the ethernet interface. Cable laying through casing and capping shall be charged @ ` 15 per foot. The same is payable directly to the authorised TDN installation representative. • Speeds mentioned here are guaranteed upto the ISP node. • All tariffs mentioned here are subject to regulatory approval. TDN has the right to modify or withdraw any tariff plan at any point of time. • In case of service discontinuation, the subscriber shall compulsorily return all the modems in working condition. In the event of subscriber not being able to deliver the modem to the company, for reasons attributable to their action/account, the modems would be assumed to be permanently undeliverable to any person including the company. In such an event, including a case where the modems are delivered by the subscriber in non-working condition, the company would charge the subscriber ` 1,500 per modem not returned or returned in non-working condition towards penalty/damages for breach of the terms of service. This is applicable for all plans. • If the subscriber of any plan surrenders the connection, then • The request for refund will be considered in case of Tikona’s inability to restore the connectivity due to reasons such as site out of service, permission issues or other situations with similar effect. No refund is applicable in any other cases. • If refund is applicable then, (1) ` 500 for bill free plans and ` 750 for other plans will be adjusted/deducted towards installation. (2) Plan charges corresponding to the number of days/months of use/data transfer shall be payable/deducted from the upfront amount received to determine refund, if any. Full month shall be counted in case the usage is for part of the month. • Subscriber needs to surrender TDN CPE in working condition. In case of non-receipt of CPE/CPE in non-working condition the penalty will be applicable as mentioned above. • Service tax shall be accounted for against the charges stated above. • Refund, if applicable will be processed within 30 working days from the date of cancellation. For additional terms & conditions, please refer ‘Terms & Conditions’ section on our website tikona.in. Call:  E-mail: sales@tikona.in Visit: tikona.in