Tikona Broadband Pune New Connection Booking, Get Free Installation with Free Wifi Router, Unlimited Plans, No Speed Downgrade, Superb Coverage


Tikona broadband connection plans in pune Tikona offers a wide range of plans for home users. Take a look at the list of Tikona broadband connection plans in Bangalore. Tikona digital networks is an exciting new startup communication company offering wireless broadband to both home consumers and enterprises. Check out the unlimited plans for speeds less than 1 Mbps below. Unlimited plans less than 1 Mbps (half yearly) Plan name Speed Effective Monthly rental Subscription charge Number of PC’s ADULH300K 300Kbps 400 3000 2 ADULH512K 512Kbps 500 3700 2 ADULH750K 750Kbps 750 4700 2 Unlimited monthly bandwidth plans Plan name Speed Monthly rental Subscription charge Number of PC’s ADULM1024 1Mbps 799 1800 2 ADULM2048 2Mbps 999 2000 2 ADULM4096 4Mbps 1499 2600 3 There are also quarterly plans available to suit every net enthusiast. Quarterly plans are value for money plans and can save you lots of money. Check out the unlimited quarterly Tikona broadband connection plans in Bangalore below. Unlimited quarterly plans Plan name Speed Quarterly rental(INC.ALL) Setup charge Number of PC’s ADULQ1024 1Mbps 3300 0 2 ADULQ2048 2Mbps 4000 0 2 ADULQ4096 4Mbps 5700 0 3 If you have enough money in your bank account then I would suggest you go for half yearly plans. Tikona’s half yearly broadband plans offers amazing savings with incredible speeds. Check out the unlimited half yearly plans from Tikona below. Unlimited half yearly plans Plan name Speed Half yearly rental(inc.all) Setup charge Number of PC’s ADULH1024 1Mbps 5700 0 2 ADULH2048 2Mbps 7100 0 2 ADULH4096 4Mbps 10400 0 3 Annual plans are great for people who are living at their own residence and free from job transfers. Tikona’s annual plans offer unlimited savings at great speeds. Check out the cool unlimited annual plans below. Unlimited annual plans Plan name Speed Annual rental Setup charge Number of PC’s ADULA1024 1Mbps 9900 0 2 ADULA2048 2Mbps 12400 0 2 ADULA4096 4Mbps 18600 0 3 Tikona offers a wide variety of wireless broadband plans for both young internet users and professional net enthusiasts. Each and every internet plan has been priced very attractively. Tikona digital networks has its own share of network problems like route flapping and software errors but Tikona is new and on a learning curve. Tikona had its share of negative customer reviews but they are geared now and dedicated to providing the highest quality of service at affordable prices. You can subscribe for a new wireless broadband connection